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Valli del Vino e del Racconto, a show to watch

Art, culture, history, food and wine: discover the uniqueness and extraordinary richness of the lands of the

West and the North of Vicenza. Enchanted places, immersed in the beautiful verdant frame of the valleys

of Leogra, Chiampo and Agno, where rites and legends mix and mingle with ancient traditions. Enter the

heart of the Valli del Vino e del Racconto (Wine Valleys and their Stories), and let yourself be seduced by an

original journey through castles, villages and landscapes full of charm.

Strade del Vino

Enchanting views, sumptuous mansions and castles, flavors and fragrances filled with traditions: the territory of the West and North Vicenza is a natural stage of rare beauty, lined with esteemed vineyards and gentle valleys crossed by rivers.

Valli del Racconto

In the heart of the Veneto region there are places where silence is the echo ofancient stories: castles and villas, small towns and big valleys, once the theater of heroic deeds and legends, are now chests full of emotions and evocative impressions, all to be revealed.

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