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After The Success At The Bit, New Meetings For Promoting The Territory

The legend of the castles of Romeo and Juliet, the natural reserves, the industrial archeology  parks and the routes  of  Durello and  Recioto wine have drawn curiosity and  fascinated visitors at the BIT (International Tourism Exchange), giving  suggestions and emotions of a territory which is made of the 16 municipalities of  West and North  Vicenza and are included in “Le Valli del Vino e del Racconto”( Wine Valleys and their Stories), all to be discovered.

The BIT – Matteo Macilotti, Mayor of Chiampo and head of the project  said – was a unique opportunity for promoting our project and our territories. The interest given to our project and especially to its two principal elements, the routes of the Durello and Recioto, was beyond our expectations, as evidenced by the large number of contacts made during the fair. Now a more challenging and stimulating stage is opening, the one of translation of the interest expressed by operators into offers that are able to satisfy the expectations of tourists. This will mainly be the purpose of the workshops that will take place during the upcoming weeks in the territory. It will be necessary to work with great synergy and enthusiasm because the opportunity that this project offers us is certainly unique. It is only one of the segments upon which we may count in order to promote our territory, created with the intention of raising awareness about the great naturalistic, cultural and historic heritage of the West and North Vicenza, through the promotion of an integrated touristic -wine offer”.

After the positive results achieved at the BIT, three dedicated workshops, in addition to the presentation of the project to territory and the meeting regarding demand and supply are being prepared in order to favour the birth of partnerships and commercial agreements. Those who are in charge of the project have emphasized their will to commit to a model founded upon the respect of the values of the place, the recovery of traditions, rituals and legends, preservation of knowledge and discovery of its distinctive features.

The three workshops will be aimed at the illustration of the excellences of the territory considering the environmental, historic, artistic, folkloristic aspects and the typical products including those of the culinary culture, paying  particular attention to the certified products.

Trade and collaboration agreements between supply and demand will then have a real implementation on the territory with promotional initiatives organized within the calendar of events for the public inside individual businesses where dedicated spaces will be set up for the presentation and marketing of the local typical products during the tastings, dinners and various events cured directly by the operators.

These are the dates of the three encounters:

Saturday March 29 from 9 to 15 at  Montorso Vicentino – Palazzo da Porto

For the towns of: Montorso Vicentino, Gambellara, Montebello, Monteforte d’Alpone, Zermeghedo.

Saturday April 5 from 9 to 15 at Schio

For the towns of: Schio, Malo, Isola Vicentina, San Vito di Leguzzano.

Saturday April 12 from 9 to 15 at Castelgomberto – Palazzo Barbaran

For the towns of: Montecchio Maggiore, Arzignano, Chiampo, Castelgomberto, Cornedo Vincentino, Sovizzo, Trissino.