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Villa Trissino Barbaran

Discovering tourism and a cuisine with a thousand-year-old tradition

The second workshop of “Wine Valleys and their Stories. Lands to savour” was concluded, Castelgomberto

Vicenza 16, April 2014. History and flavours was the leitmotif of the second workshop of “Wine Valleys and their Stories. Lands to savour”, held in the picturesque location of Villa Barbaran, a place that still retains all the charm of the past. The uniqueness and extraordinary richness of the areas to the west and north of Vicenza were illustrated by its cuisine and local products, an authentic, unmistakable expression of the culture of a population and knowledge passed down over centuries.
“Tourists have to find the flavours”, according to Alfredo Pelle, an authoritative journalist from the Italian weekly magazine L’Espresso attending the event, who added that “tourism in Italy is undergoing a very delicate moment, the catering industry reported a 25% drop for Easter. So this means that one must transmit one’s culture and culture is here”. Alfredo Pelle’s words were followed by those of Fabrizio Stellut of the Regional Association of Agricultural Journalists, who highlighted the importance of information as an instrument to spread information and promote a rural heritage: “We look at the raw material, we have a focus on the process supply chain, we try and transmit information through various tools, like websites or monthly guided tours. To effectively promote the area, one needs to learn to know its distinctive features, but also to create a welcoming network. We are people of this land and have to help it”.
Indeed, this is the main objective pursued by the PIAR project, that is putting together resources and energies, involving manufacturers and local players in the process designed to enhance tourism in the area.
“We have combined the distinctive features of the three Valleys – said Matteo Mancillotti, mayor of Chiampo, the town leading the initiative – that share the leitmotif of wine and thanks to this product we have discovered the unusually beautiful features of our area. The creation of a brand represents the greatest challenge: buying a product means buying a piece of the history of our land.”
The environmental aspect is a fundamental criterion to promote an area. Here are the words of Slow Food President Mauro Pasquali, who underlines the importance of rediscovering the value of the environment as an element to attract tourists:  “After years of indiscriminate building and development, this is the time to go back to cultivating the environment.”
The workshop, moderated by Gianni Spagnolo, a representative for the “La Serenissima Agno Chiampo” Consortium, outlined the plan for the creation of an affordable tourism network designed for all kinds of tourists, even disadvantaged ones. “A kind of tourism”, as defined by Spagnolo himself, “moving at a slow pace, smart and with the ability to transmit the feeling of a story and savoir vivre contained in every product”.
Local products took centre stage during the final tasting, accompanied by live music. A true showcase of flavours provided by local manufacturers: from Durello to Asiago, from Tripe to dried salted cod, from honey to bread, everything illustrated the area and its one-thousand-year-old history.