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Piar Access, The Rediscovery Of An Uncharted Territory

It was held in Schio the presentation of the PIA-R (Integrated Project Rural Area )” Access”, which aims at  the requalification of the environmental, historical and cultural heritage of the area enclosed in “Le Valli del Vino e del Racconto. Terre da gustare” (Wine Valleys and Stories. Lands to taste)

An imaginary journey that retraces the route of the  Recioto and  Gambellara Doc wines and the route of the Lessini Durello Doc, touching sixteen municipalities of North and West Vicenza: Chiampo, Arzignano, Castelgomberto, Cornedo  Vicentino, Gambellara, Isola  Vicentina, Malo, Montebello Vicentino, Montecchio Maggiore,  Montorso Vicentino, San Vito Leguzzano, Schio, Sovizzo, Trissino, Zermeghedo and Monteforte d’Alpone .

The meeting was attended by numerous guests, including: Luigi Dalla Via, Mayor of Schio and responsible of the IPA  North of  Vicenza, Matteo Macilotti, Mayor of Chiampo, project leader and head of the IPA West of Vicenza, Daniela Rader, Councilor for Energy, Environment and Economic Development of the City of Schio, Alice Furlan,of Società Ideazione s.r.l.  and Massimo Pomilio, CEO of the communication agency Pomilio Blumm.


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