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Wine valleys

The project to enhance the value of the area west and north of Vicenza has become a brand. The final results of the activity to promote excellence in a convention in Trissino (Vicenza)

Sixteen towns came together to promote the area to the west and north of Vicenza, offering natural sceneries, vineyards, mansions and sumptuous castles, traditional flavours and aromas and a convention to draw a balance of the path undertaken to enhance the value of an area rich in folklore, gastronomy and culture. The summer covering the “Wine Valleys and their Stories. Lands to Savour” has been very intense. The project involved 16 towns in the areas to the west and north of Vicenza (Chiampo, Arzignano, Castelgomberto, Cornedo Vicentino, Gambellara, Isola Vicentina, Malo, Montebello Vicentino, Montecchio Maggiore, Montorso Vicentino, San Vito Leguzzano, Schio, Sovizzo, Trissino, Zermeghedo, Monteforte d’Alpone).

The next event is in Selva di Trissino (Vicenza) with the “Festa del gnocco”, as part of which on 5th September there will be the convention on “Wine valleys and their stories, a new local marketing challenge”. The convention will be held at the Hotel Sirio Life, in via Belvedere 1 in Trissino (VI) from 6.30pm to 8pm. Guests will include:
Matteo Macilotti Mayor of Chiampo: Wine valleys and their stories – a new local marketing challenge.
Luca Morgavi Project Leader at “Pomilio Blumm srl”: Identify brand – the development project.
Mario Bagnara President of the “La Vigna” International Library in Vicenza: Food and wine culture to bring out the value of local products: the role of “La Vigna” International Library.
Andrea Cunico Communication Expert – “Adacmaster communication”: An example of local marketing in the “Brenta areas”.
Roberto Astuni President of the “Magnifica Confraternita dei Ristoratori De.Co.”, the local association of caterers working under the De.Co label: Catering and Tourism: the importance of local products to relaunch tourism.
Davide Cadore President of the Table of De.Co Products of “Vicenza è”: The future of De.Co. through the coordination experiment in the Veneto region.

The Regional Councillor Marino Finozzi will attend the event.

The convention will be an opportunity to examine and evaluate the current situation in terms of promotional activities used by the partnership, which on the one hand involves the general public and on the other hand involves local businesses. Theme-based workshops, devoted to illustrating the excellence in the area in terms of environment, history, art, folklore, typical products and culinary tradition took place over the months during which the “Wine Valleys and their Stories. Lands to Savour” project, were carried out.