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A Territory Of Value

The “Valli del Vino e del Racconto” (Wine Valleys and their stories) is a brand that identifies 16 municipalities of the West and the North of Vicenza with wine growing and rural vocation, born with the aim of raising awareness of the great natural, cultural and historical heritage of the area through the promotion of integrated tourism-food and wine offers. A model that is based upon respect for the values of the area, with the revivalof traditions, rituals, legends, the preservation of knowledge and the discovery of typical rural customs.

Wines and stories are thus regarded as the two “souls” of the area, to be discovered  in all their unexplored glory  through unknown routes of scenic, artistic and food and wine interest: the Strada del Recioto e dei vini di Gambellara DOC (Recioto and Gambellara DOC wine route) and the Strada del Lessini Durello (Lessinian Durello wine route), two such routes that perfectly cover  the entire area, each offering an authentic glimpse of life, a charming atmosphere that takes you back in time, a genuine and extraordinary bond between nature and its people. The “Valli del Vino e del Racconto” thus becomes a kind of trademark, a certification of product origin which preserves the spirit of the area.