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Timeless Emotions

In the heart of the Veneto region there are places where silence is the echo ofancient stories: castles and villas, small towns and big valleys, once the theater of heroic deeds and legends, are now chests full of emotions and evocative impressions, all to be revealed.

Valli del Racconto is a journey to discover the uniqueness and greatness of the 16 municipalities of the West and North Vicenza: places where reality and imagination are still merged into one another, to get lost in a seductive plot.

As  many chapters of a single story, these lands  reveal themselves through precious testimonials handed down to present day and perceptibly pervaded by the different cultures they have come in contact with,  and that have modeled its  traits. Different stories in their own way, and yet belonging to one diary full of emotions to be read in one breath.

  • Zermeghedo

  • Trissino

  • Sovizzo

  • Schio

  • San Vito Leguzzano

  • Montorso Vicentino

  • Monteforte d'Alpone

  • Montecchio Maggiore

  • Montebello Vicentino

  • Malo

  • Isola Vicentina

  • Gambellara

  • Cornedo Vicentino

  • Chiampo

  • Castelgomberto

  • Arzignano